I am more than just a private tutor. Think of me as a Mentor, someone who your child can grow and develop with, someone who can equip your child with the skills to become a future leader. My approach to tutoring is unique, I believe in understanding my students first and taking the time to learn about their needs properly. 

Here are a few steps I will be taking to give your child the best support possible:

I will come to visit you and your child at your home. I will spend around 30 mins with you the parent(s) and 30 minutes with your child to learn about your objectives. I will also try to identify your child’s interest, learning strategies, strengths and weaknesses.

“Teaching is about realizing the weaknesses and overcoming them, and
also recognizing a students’ strength and building on it to truly help them
exceed themselves”.  

During my visit we will prepare a timetable to plan out when I will be tutoring your child, so that we all know what to expect and we all can be prepared. We will also agree on the fees and any other terms and conditions which we may deem appropriate during the progression of our meeting. I will go through your child’s files, books, school work,
coursework, reports etc. to understand them better and recognize what I need to focus on. I will be randomly testing your child to see how much understanding they have in their subjects. This will help me prepare a strong plan for your child and have a good session prepared for the next time I return.

My sessions are composed of:

Ø  Reinforcing knowledge to students using exercise books, test papers, class notes.

Ø  Asking them to apply this knowledge in case studies where applicable, to ensure that they truly understand the subject matter and are good at analysis and evaluation.

Ø  Testing their knowledge using past exam test questions to ensure they know how to answer questions in an exam situation.

Ø  Quite frequently I will do exam practice with real past exam papers. Some students might know their stuff, but when it comes to exams, they get too nervous, or they simply don’t know how to answer a question. In my experience I have found up to 50% of students get less marks due to weak exam skills. So, I will be preparing your child with the skills, techniques and knowledge to answer questions to help them get the top marks they possibly can.

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