“I am not just another private tutor, I promise you. I am a Mentor with an abundance of experience in teaching, in understanding child psychology and I will do everything I can to take your child to the next level.”

There is a very good reason why some schools are more expensive than others. Likewise, there is a reason why some private tutors are more expensive than others. I have demonstrated my ability to transform students to achieve their true potential over and over again. I have taken students from the bottom of the class, to the top 10%.

My hourly rate in Mumbai is ₹ 1500 per hour for 1-hour sessions, or ₹ 2500 for 2-hour sessions. For Online sessions to students in India is ₹ 1200 per hour for 1-hour sessions, or ₹ 2000 for 2-hour sessions and for online sessions to students outside India is $ 40 per hour. This costing is PER STUDENT. The fees for group sessions will be different than one to one tutoring. You may also opt for yearly contracts. The fees structure and any other terms and conditions can be discussed at the first meeting.

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