I mostly teach subjects which tend to be the harder subjects for most students. I break things down so that your child will understand each topic, and even understand how the topic is used in real life, which I find really helps students absorb the information more.

“I have expertise in these subjects for IGCSE and A-LEVELS”


It is been more than 22 years I have first started learning Accountancy in my grade 11. Being my favourite subject, I chose to complete my Master of Commerce in Accountancy and Master of Business Administration in Finance.  Over 18 years of continuous learning and teaching for different Indian boards as well as International has helped me to gain extensive knowledge in the subject. Accounting seems like an abstract subject to most students as they struggle to relate to this. However I bring life to the subject by demonstrating the real-life use of Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Cash Flow Statements, and the technical parts like Enterprise Value and calculating WACC and DCF, and more.


I have come across various subjects of commerce like, organization of commerce, Business management, marketing management, Business communication, Business law etc. in my Bachelors and Master degrees. They gave a fair understanding of major areas of business. My love for reading various business-related books, success stories and experience of owning a coaching institute have improved my business skills to a great extent. I will make sure that your child earns a good grade as well as learns all the possible business skills to reach the top managerial position or to be a successful entrepreneur.


Constructivism pedagogical approach is the core of my Economics teaching. I use discussion method to construct the knowledge in a social environment of student, on the basis of pre-existing cognitive structures which the student enhances, enriches or modifies. Economics is a broad subject that most students struggle to understand especially the diagrams, making it less interesting subject for them. My command over the subject and ability to demonstrate the practical relevance of economics will help them understand the day to day use of economics subject in their personal and professional life and stimulate interest in learning economics.

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